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Joaquin's Inferno

Charred History Gives
Rise to Bold Flavor

Generations ago, Joaquin Cota, steward of Rancho Sanja Cota in Santa Barbara County, spent his life supporting his community by tilling the land and providing water for the famous Mission Santa Ynez. Through his honest labor, he exemplified devotion to his people and respect for the land.

The sundrenched plateaus of the Sanja Cota Vineyard still hold the embers of Joaquin Cota’s passion. While planting new vines in the vineyard, a wildfire broke out, reminiscent of Joaquin’s intense passion and unrelenting dedication. The Cabernet vines that sprung from the charred and cracked earth bear intensely concentrated fruit with unrelenting flavor and richness.

The result is Joaquin’s Inferno, a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon sourced from Santa Ynez Valley. At 15% ABV, this bold, robust wine carries a story of trials, tribulations, and a life well-lived.


The Wine
Caberent Sauvignon, 2019

Joaquin’s Inferno pays tribute to the Joaquin Cota’s influence on Santa Ynez’s esteemed vineyards. Joaquin Cota spent his life tilling the land, his intense passion igniting his respect for the land. Our Cabernet Sauvignon pays tribute to Joaquin’s fiery determination.

Lush aromas of black cherry and cassis heighten the senses. The palate is filled with flavors of spiced plum, vanilla, cedar, and clove. Moderate tannins give way to a big, chewy finish with lingering notes of cocoa and espresso. Enough structure to be age-worthy while having supple tannins and mouthfeel to enjoy a glass tonight.


The Land
Santa Barbara, santa ynez valley

Joaquin’s Inferno Cabernet Sauvignon is sourced from the centerpiece of Santa Barbara wine country, Santa Ynez Valley. Nestled between the mountain ranges of Santa Maria and California’s coastline, the valley is home to idyllic weather conditions year-round. The maritime influences that settle inside the valley cause large diurnal swings in temperature. The vineyards see warm, sun-soaked days that help develop more balanced sugar levels and long, cool nights that preserve the grape’s aromas, freshness, and acidity.

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